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It was a dark and foggy night at some kind of a dock. There was a store there with expensive, modern TVs. Me and some other people went into the lonely shop at night without any problem. There was no security at all. No alarm, no cameras, not even a guard in that area. I decided not to steal anything. My friends? Well, two of them were waiting outside, the other one was looking for something to steal. Honestly, I don't know if he found something for him. I left the shop first with nothing in my pockets or in my hands. I didn't want anything to steal. Minutes later we left the place. We went to different directions. Thinking about it, I should have left a note to the owner as a warning. Maybe it would have opened his eyes and probably he would install some cameras and alarm system. Basic stuff I think, especially for a shop that stores really expensive stuffs.

A went back to my grandma. Some guests were there. Relatives. I don't even remember if I actually talked to them... I only remember the time I left. I was looking at the green gate but my vision was blurry. There was something there but I don't know what was it. I felt something really weird... And... why was my upper body naked in that cold night. WEIRD! But the real weirdness just began as I left the place. As I was walking on dark creepy street I felt something on my shoulders. A humps were emerging on them! It became bigger and bigger. Also same from under my arms! What is happening? WHY?! I was scared! Arms! 4 more arms! What have I become! Some two legged humanoid spider? I couldn't move them properly. I was thinking about something connected to brain and nervous system. My theory was that maybe there are no nerve connection between those arms and the brain, but slowly I could move them better and better... Serious, I was thinking about something like this in this situation?
I ran as fast as I could. When I finally reached my home I realised I have two arms! I don't say I was completely calm, but I thought it was just my imagination. Maybe it was just my fear of the dark... and spiders. But I don't even afraid of those things. My mother came into my room. She scared me as she came in... She realised it and asked my what's the problem. I... I wasn't able to tell her. It was terrifying. I was finally calm but somehow we were at a topic. About one of my friends. She was shaking and it wasn't so comforting at all! My friend... somehow a terrible thing happened to him. No, not death. Not an accident. He just grew four more arms. I was speechless. I was scared. I couldn't even more. I was shocked and I looked at my right shoulder... it began. I was screaming of despair! Why? What is this?
And... then, I woke up...

Well, since it was a dream it doesn't have to make any sense. I was thinking about it, but I couldn't really figure out the background of this. Yeah, I was thinking about Muffet from the beginning. You know from Undertale. But two arms from the shoulder? And what is the dreams first part about? OK, it's possible I don't remember everything and as I said dreams don't have to make any sense. Actually I think having 6 arms isn't even that bad if you can coordinate them properly and their placement is good. Also, these were human arms. Proper bones, fingers, etc... Well, whatever, it was fun to have 6 arms actually. In the dream I was scared and I was in despair!
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Hello everyone!

I am starting to be active on this wonderful site! Let's see what happened today!

Well I rewatched One Punch Man, because I could. I was struggling programming a simple quad generator... wow, yeah... cool. Procedurally generate some quads in Unity... Well, I made some steps forward which filled me with determination.
Awesome! I was writing really bad puns to a deviation. Yeah, I am talking about yours, Gabriella112. Undertale ruined me... totally. I never though I'll actually like it a little bit...

Also I continued modelling one of the guys who kinda made me like one of those infamous fonts. It's not a bad 3D model, but some of its bare bones are missing. Actually, it's untextured and it lacks of details...
Currently he looks like THIS.

Now... I am leaving for while...
  • Listening to: Undertale - Undertale
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